Would 12gb extra memory show speed increase


Sep 20, 2008
hi i have 6gb of ram and was wondering if i bought 12more gigs 3x 4gbsticks would i see much of an increase in performance? whats the sweet spot also i dont know how id go about find a chart or somthin any ideas
It uses free memory for caching, but it can't use much more even if you install it. How much free memory is available?

I have a VM server with 16 GB of RAM; when I start it up, most of it is free. Once the VMs are loaded, 83% of available memory is used. That still leaves 1.5 GB for caching and 1.5 GB of free memory.
because some people actually run programs that can take up 100s of gigs of ram. for a desktop video editing or like the guy said running virtual machines. you only need it if your going to use it and since you aren't close to using what you already have you are in good shape and wont see a benefit