Would a AMD and Nvidia workstattion and consumer Graphics Card work separately on a double-boot PC?


Dec 20, 2014
I am about to build a new rig. and, i am essentially a gamer, but i have a kind of tight budget and i also want to build a rig that can hold both the workstation and the gamer system in one single PC because I also want to do some professional stuff on it

I am planning to double-boot my PC because I've read that it is kind of difficult or almost impossible to have a worstation and a consumer gpu working "together" on a same system. so i thought that a double-boot would solve the problem, but then I wonder about the fact that both type of cards would be physically present in the same system and this can eventually create a conflict. later, i had the idea of not installing the drivers of the card that I am not planning to use in one of the systems and do the same with the other. for example, disable(not installing drives) the workstations card in the "gaming" system, and disable the consumer GPU in the worstation oriented system.

I actually want to use a different brand for each system. Do you think that this build can work?
This will work. You have the right idea. There's also ways to modify things if you wanted to say...use a Radeon for gaming and also use the Quadro for PhysX at the same time. On the older Geforces (like G92 era) there was even a way to soft-mod them to switch them from workstation mode to gaming mode with a click of a mouse. Nvidia has locked that out now though...

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