Would A GTX 275 Really Help Me From My 9800GTX+??


Aug 28, 2009
Well as any other gamer there's always a time to upgrade a computer and it so happend to be mine's. I was on the cheap end and I bought some kinda micro board that supported quad's and I had bought me a quadcore at that. My quad was suffering and I knew I needed a new motherboard but since I was going to upgrade my motherboard I figured why not upgrade the cooler and the video card so I will have my own mini upgrade here. I went and bought a cooler master V8 off of newegg, and I also needed a video card I tried to play it slick and go SLI video card's but I knew that as soon as I would go and hook everything up my system wouldnt even turn, on and let me mind you I'm only 14 so money was short. Newegg was kind of high on video card's so I figured I should press my luck and go to ebay I saw an EVGA GTX 275 Nvidia,1792 MB DDR 3 PCI-E 2.0 Phys X free ship for 230$ I was thinking you had to be serious? This is even cheaper than the 896 MB version, had to get it. I know the 1792MB of ram is a little overkill but its always awesome to have just to be sure. But I wonderd would I see that much of a increase bewtween this and my other GPU and I plan on overclocking my Quad to 3.8-3.9 Thanks Alot Guy's

System Specs:
Q9650 3.0G
EVGA 790I Motherboard (In The Mail)
4GB of Ram
EVGA GTX 275 1792MB (In The Mail)
Cooler Master V8(In The Mail)
The difference is going to depend mostly on your monitor and screen settings. On a 17 inch monitor at 800x600 both cards are fast enough you wont see the difference. On a 30 inch widescreen LCD with antialiasing on, the 275 with extra RAM will be far superior.

If you tried to SLI and the power didnt come on, did you make sure your power supply was adequite and plugged ion correctly? These graphics cards (including that 9800 GTX+) have power plugs that need PCIE power connectors plugged into them or they wont work right (or at all).


Sep 1, 2009
Unless you already own the card, I don't recommend it. The 9800GTX+ will still max out most of today's games, and there are soon going to be MUCH better cards out there (DX11 cards). Look at it this way.

The 9800GTX+ can max out most games at, lets say... 60FPS.
The GTX 275 can max them out at 160 FPS.

Is it really worth another $230 just to say you have a higher framerate? You'll never know the difference between 60 and 160. Unless your games are dropping down to unplayable levels (20-25) then I don't think you should upgrade.


Aug 16, 2009
I have a 9800 GTX+. It gives good average FPS at 1680x1050 at around "high" settings (not "very high" or "maxxed out") on most of the DX10 MMORPGs I play, but only with antialiasing off. The problem is the minimum FPS falls into the choppy 30 range frequently and down to the unplayable 10s in crowded areas. For raids and large caverns with textured ceilings I have to drop to DX9 and/or drop most of the settings to medium to keep good FPS. The minmum FPS at higher resolutions and the ability to turn antialiasing on for smoother images is where you will notice the most difference with the better card.