Would a lack of power make my OS not function proberly?


Nov 2, 2011
hi guys, basically I purchased a crosshair v formula-z for my system but ever since i put it in and installed the drivers my OS has become very slow and my web browser also, its very bad as soon as i boot up the system into the OS, BUT my system isn't rubbish, and was wondering if my system needs more power from the PSU? would that be why my OS is slow? here are my pc specs if you need:

AMD Phenom ii x6 1100t
Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z
MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 660ti x2 SLI
4x4gb Corsair Vengeance 1866mhz ram
PCI Wireless Card
OCZ 750w ZT series fully modular PSU
OCZ Agility 4 128gb ssd
Western digital 500gb x2 hhd
Corsair h80
10 LED Case Fans
Fan Controller

P.S. I have done a fresh install of windows 7 a few times ad it does it every time i install the crosshair v formula-z drivers :(

You have plenty of power. Are you using the drivers off the disk? If so go download the current ones from asus support.

You need to define the symptoms better. "slow" doesn't mean much. Is the SSD properly connected to a.sata 6 port and set to AHCI? Install the drivers one at a time to find the culprit

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