Question Would a wireless USB network adapter work for my setup?


In short my ISP is unreliable and until they fix the regular 15 or more daily sometimes hours long outages effecting my whole area (if ever), I wanted to ask if you guys think a USB wireless adapter for my computer could serve as a temporary band aid fix.

I was thinking of getting a USB 3.0 adapter for my computer to give it WiFi capabilities and use my phones mobile hotspot for the internet connection.

Im on windows 10 with a msi b350m pro vdh motherboard and my phones a moto g power 2021. Id just be using it for some gaming and youtube essentially until my regular internet comes back

Could this work as a temporary band aid fix or is there anything I'm missing? If it could work what adapters should I look for?
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Not so sure you need usb3 and there are issues with it interfering with the 2.4g radio band if you are planning to use that.
Usb3 would be more a concern if you were running a ethernet adapter. Your mobile hotspot connection likely is going to be the speed limiting factor anyway.

I would avoid those very tiny USB devices. They have very low power radio (to save on battery which does not matter on a desktop) and they have tiny antenna to make them easier to transport.

I would either get a device that has a USB cable already or get a USB extension cable so you can move it away from the back of your case. It likely matters less in you situation since you are likely going to place your phone close to the computer anyway.

It should work "ok". It has 2 radio signals, the wifi and the mobile broadband. These both tend to have random performance issues that affect online games more than anything else. In general if you phone itself works ok in your house to do your internet stuff using in hotpot mode will not be much worse.
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