Would an Hd Radeon 7750 good enough for Cad Programs and CS6 Adobe


May 17, 2011
Im currently looking at the Hd Radeon 7750 for the use of for light cad use with Adobe CS6 with some gaming in between. Though im not really sure if my Psu which is 460 watts is enough for it. Also, Im not sure if my computer will be able to be cool enough to run it since I live out in the dessert with only one case fan to boot. I use Solidworks and Revit for cad. Currently I have an Hp H8 with an amd 6120 proccesor with 10gb of ram with an hd radeon 7450 with a TB Hard drive. Would any of you think this card would be suitable for me or have any other suggestions for cards.

I used speed fan for this though it is winter.

Idle Temps are for my gpu is 43 C HD at 29c and cpu at 38C
the hd 7750 requires very less power....it does not even have a pci-e power connector as it can draw all its required power from the pci-e slot itself....you can also keep the gtx 650 ti as another option.
both the cards are good enough for you although the latter is a bit better


May 17, 2012
I know that with Nvidia cards the Geforce cards are geared towards gamers, while the Quadro cards are targeted towards business and CAD applications. While they are sometimes similar from a HW perspective (besides amount of RAM), it is the firmware and drivers that often give the Quadro cards an edge in CAD performance. AMD cards offer the Radeon and FirePro series in a similar manner. Are we certain that the software you plan to use will support the Radeon series out-of-box? Tried and tested methods to make a Geforce GPU work similarly to a Quadro exist; you may want to look into workarounds for AMD. I can strongly reccommend a PSU upgrade, and an upgrade in your cooling. Sometimes a small financial investment at the onset will save you from expense and headache in the long run.