Question Would an i3-13100 be good for a Minecraft Server ?


Mar 29, 2022
(Yes I know its an i3 and I could go for the 12100)
In short, I am looking to get a PC that actively runs a heavily Modded Minecraft server (around 200 - 300 mods avg). Stuff like Port Forwarding etc... I can figure out with tutorials. Minecraft is more known for Single Core Performance (unless I'm missing something like why most server hosts are using Xeons) so I figured the i3 13100 has:
Equivalent performance to an i9 10th gen
Latest Gen (ignoring the latest release of 14th gen)
4 Cores (most games aren't taking advantage of more than 4 cores, lower TDP)

Whilst going for an 11600K with slightly better single core performance could make sense the typical trend is later gen = better performance (so ignoring the i3 i5 i7 i9 side of things an i5 10th gen would perform worse than an i5 12th gen in most situations).

The build for the server is here:

In short, 32GB RAM should be enough to dedicate to server running whilst keeping plenty aside for the system (not that it'll be used much), 4TB SSD should last a while and I can easily add more or upgrade to an 8TB SSD later on when I need it, mobo already has a 2.5Gigabit ethernet plus wireless capability and the 10Gigabit to allow more throughput and the 4x1 ethernet ports so if multiple are players are on the "signals" dont get cluttered. (I am no networking engineer but I assume having 2 ethernets rather than one reduces the load per port... correct me if I'm wrong).
Any advice?


Jun 1, 2017
i3s have become a very popular demand now after they started to add HT, EC, PC to them to practically be equal to older Generation CPUs back then. With that said, considering no one ever thought about responding to your post I might as well lol.............................I think it's a good pick, what's to loose.............................?
If you're only expecting a handful of people to play on this, an i3 is plenty.

Otherwise a few other things:
  • You don't need a water cooler for an i3. If you're concerned about noise or whatever, then get something like a Thermalright Peerless Assassin.
  • Minecraft servers aren't heavy on bandwidth, regular Gigabit Ethernet is fine. Besides, your internet is the chokepoint anyway.
  • I don't think you'll need 32GB of RAM. According to, 8GB is enough to support up to 90 players, a 60GB world size, and what I presume is unlimited mods/plugins.