Question Would changing the fans of gpu make it quieter

Jan 30, 2023
I bought a used zotac rtx 3070 ti and it's been great except for one problem, the fans. They are super loud even at 30% power. It is not a temperature problem as it's always under 60°.
  • I tried cleaning it
  • I wanted to oil the fans, but the fins were not detachable, or seemed like it and I didn't wanna break it by trying
  • not coil whine since it's quiet when the fans are off
  • took it to the local computer place and they said it's probably because it was used for mining and I have to send it to Nvidia
  • I undervolted it to oblivion
  • Zotac warranty doesn't work for pre-owned products
The fans are crazy loud and I have a roommate so I can't just let it be so any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated


Worth a shot, a set of replacement GPU fans are pretty cheap.

You could also change out the whole GPU cooler for a hybrid AIO or go straight for water cooling. But then you might have to deal with pump noise.