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Question Would connecting a router to another router with an ethernet cable make sense to extend my limited home WiFi range?


Jan 31, 2015
Verizon FIOS: Actiontec Mi424 WR Rev1 Router

I have my PC (Windows 10) connected to the router via an ethernet cable and its fine.
The problem is the WiFi range is limited and laptops in other rooms (36 feet away) have MUCH lower speeds. (using speedtest.net the difference is 15 vs 80)

Would the following make a noticeable difference:
I have a second Mi424 WR Rev1 router, can I connect it to the first, using a 50 foot Cat 6 ethernet cable and have the laptops use the 2nd router signal instead?
The second router would be located 15 feel away, making the distance to the laptops close to 20 feet, and through fewer walls.

I assume cat 6 is ok? 50 feet isn't too long is it?
You can go 100 meters with ethernet.

You want to run the second router as a AP. This is mostly to make you network 1 simple network rather than 2.

Using a remote AP on a ethernet cable is the industry standard method of extending wifi. It has been done by business since the very beginning of wifi and is still the preferred method of getting the best performance.
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