Question Would dual channel ram upgrade make a difference in Fortnite and other games?


Dec 23, 2015
Hi guys, I have the Asus FX504GE TUF gaming laptop with i7-8750H, 8GB of single ddr4 ram and gtx 1050ti.

The problem is for example fortnite isn't running very well, I have a PC as well which has 8+4 dual channel ram and GTX 960 which is about the same or maybe quite weaker card and it runs way better. Medium settings 100-120fps stable any conditions. However with my laptop even on lowest settings its between 90-120fps stable but when its busy like going to tilted or if there is a lot of building going on it goes down to 45 and its very annoying. My gpu and cpu use does not go above 70% so the laptop does not even use its full power. I thought maybe the ram bottlenecks the perfomance because its only single channel. If i bought another 8 GB stick, what should I expect? Stable 100 fps even in busy gameplay? Btw my temps are max 75 degrees for both my gpu and cpu so there shouldnt be a problem there, I also undervolted my cpu to avoid cpu throttle. Ohh and my bios is updated, I had stuttering before the update but now I feel like I would need ram upgrade.

Thank you guys in advance for your answer! :)