[SOLVED] Would enabling fTPM affects CPUs performance?

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And 512bit encryption can stop then for a couple hundred years.
They don't need to 'crack' the encryption. They only need sufficiently clever social hack (figuratively, a half pound of C4) to get me to divulge my PIN. These are people who've been doing this sort of thing for...centuries...they know how it's done and are extremely clever about it. I'm not a James Bond, just an average Joe so even though I don't answer most the phone calls (just social engineering hacks to get me to divulge something) I'm not really sophistacated enough to catch one that might be targeted at me, like a proper 'honey pot' might. But...I'm not nearly an interesting enough person for them to make any such effort.

And my point is Microsoft isn't a problem to me...it's the people who hack Microsoft. But even that won't likely do it because they'll need something from one of the banks I used that they hacked...and something from the government data bank they hacked. The country that puts enough of the details together on enough people will use it to wipe out their wealth and wreck the economy. That's their goal, not annoying retired couples.

I'm not interested in talking politics....but we never had the 'freedom' you speak of. Before, it was the 'company store' that owned us lock stock...Ernie Ford lamented that so well when he sang about "loading 16 ton" cause he "owed his soul to the company store". And you're well over a 3/4 century too late to worry about government intrusion as that started with Social Security and MediCare that destroyed the American family. They own us, the same as company store, and made it easy to kick the kids out to be 'free' of them.
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