Question Would I run into any problems/would something not work if I moved my router and modem


Mar 31, 2018
Hello, I have a very long Ethernet cable going from my router in my office to my bedroom (gaming computer) that frequently cuts out a lot for short periods of time, and I was thinking to move my modem and router to my bedroom because I would have shorter/better Ethernet cables that wouldn't cut out. The long cable would stay (that would go into a bunch of splitters), it would just have little to no effect to my work computers and printers in my office. My bedroom already has a coax outlet.
If the signal level to the modem coming in on the coax is good enough it will work fine but you maybe better off fixing the ethernet.

The length of the ethernet cable should have no effect. You can run to 100 meters with no issues. The cable maybe defective or it might be a fake cable. There is a lot of CCA (copper clad aluminum) cable and that thin or flat cable being sold. That type of cable is not certified cable and it has many issues and they happen much more often on longer cables. True ethenet cable is made from pure copper with wire guage 22-24. It can be cat5e or better but the "CAT" words mean little so read the details on what the wire is made from.

It can also be something like a loose or corroded end on a cable. It tends to not be worth the effort to try to repair a ethernet cable.