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Apr 4, 2020
hey, just a quick question on if it would be worth upgrading some parts or just buy new?
i built my pc atleast 6 years ago,
has an i7 2600 -stock cooler (terrible i know was supposed to get a upgrade a month after i bought it but completely forgot
asrock fatal1ty z68 professional gen3
ddr3 corsair vengence 2x4gb 1600mhz with the fins
probably 15year old hdd for OS and a 1TB seagate barracuda
evga 660ti sc 3GB
corsair tx850
to be fair it does run most games pretty well still albeit some games like the new cod is abit of a laugh tbf but the minimum for that is 8gb and when its running its literaly sat at 8gb basically so ill just play that on ps4 for for the moment.
but i was wondering if it would be worth getting something like
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler -because the stock intel is terrible
another 2 sticks of the same ram for games like cod
and kingston a400 120GB ssd for my os (my boot times are in the mins atm XD)
and then after all this covid is over and back working thinking of grabbing some sort of RTX 2070
so my questions is , is there anypoint upgrading these parts or will i just be getting bottlenecked by some other part of my pc so would just work out better getting a new system all together? because of ddr4 and i could get a m.2 on a new build
i can get them 3 uprades now but would i just be better waiting and getting mostly a new build? i could probably keep my PSU but it is always better to just buy all new
thank you in advance!


The gpu is what's holding you back anyways so cooler, ram, ssd isn't going to help. I'd say only upgrade parts that can be re-used. I still have 8gb on my 2500k rig and it hasn't been an issue even when upgrading to a 1060. The fact that my 9 year old pc can still run games well is surprising.


What @k1114 said, but adding to that - you will most likely get bottle-necked by the CPU if you pair it with a 2070. a 1060 as he mentioned will be the limit most likely before you start seeing the CPU locked at 100% during gaming.

I personally think it's time to upgrade that rig entirely, specifically because you can make a killer 1000$ low tier build these days thanks to AMD's current CPU and GPU competitive line-up, but the choice is yours in the end.
Worth is something only YOU can determine.

On your possible upgrades:

1. The stock intel cooler can get loud under load, but it does the job.
Your cpu can not be overclocked so it will run reasonably cool.
I would not put a better cooler very high on the list for upgrade.

2. You can not buy the same ram.

Ram is sold in kits for a reason.
A motherboard must manage all the ram using the same specs of voltage, cas and speed.
The internal workings are designed for the capacity of the kit.
Ram from the same vendor and part number can be made up of differing manufacturing components over time.
Some motherboards, can be very sensitive to this.
This is more difficult when more sticks are involved.

If you do buy more disparate sticks, they should be the same speed, voltage and cas numbers.
Even then your chances of working are less than 100%
I might guess 90% success for intel.
What is your plan "B" if the new stick/s do not work?

If you want 16gb, my suggestion if you have an intel motherboard is to buy a 2 x 8gb kit that matches your current specs.
Then, try adding in your old 8gb,
If it works, good; you now have extra ram.
If not, sell the old ram or keep it as a spare.

3. A ssd is one of the best performance improvements you can make.
The boot times are irrelevant.
use sleep to ram(no hibernate) instead.
What you get is fast performance for everything you do.

But, 120gb is too small. Many things default to the C drive.
As a ssd nears full, it will lose performance and endurance. 240gb at a minimum.
m.2 is a size format and you need an appropriate motherboard.

Possibly your graphics card is your limiting factor.
Try this experiment:
Run YOUR games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics configuration. Fast action games are the most likely to benefit
If your FPS stays the same, you are likely more cpu limited.
If you do buy a stronger graphics card, it can easily be carried forward to a new build.


The cpu can be oced. With z68 and limited oc of 4 bins above turbo, it can get to 4.2ghz without touching bclk. The cpu cooler can be upgraded and re-used and if you do upgrade, I would suggest a better one as it will be re-used. My i5 does need to be oced to keep up with a 1060. Even if you get a gpu that's too much for the cpu, it can be re-used although I wouldn't recommend it depending on when you would upgrade the rest of the pc as new gpus may come out and you would not have gotten as good of a deal.

I've upgraded to a ssd a long time ago, maybe 2 years after the initial build. It won't help a fps issue but it's well worth the upgrade. I would suggest larger than 120gb as the price isn't a lot more.
Apr 4, 2020
hey sorry its been a while been doing some testing like you said and all the games ive been playing and put fps on and changed all settings for high to low and everything and the main games i play, Ie WoW,LoL and the new call of duty , and i saw a massive change in fps i know Wow is very well optamised but on max it runs at 70-90fps on and on low it runs at 280 and drops to around 230-220 while intense parts.
on cod i noticed a massive difference but thats due to geforce experience, had set the game to run at 720p which rubbish when your playing on a better monitor but gives me a good playable experience not choppy or anything but if i put it to 1080p it was alright with everything else turned of like all the motion blur and the grain and film setting turned off did give a playable experience during normal team deathmatch and stuff with only max like 18/20 players but if i jump on warzone the battle royal with upto 150 people on the same map it is close to un playable on 1080p ( to note i do have 3 monitors i think it would make a difference to how the gpu allocates its vram?but not quite sure:S)
i was checking my cpu temps aswell during this and while playing on cod the temps shot up to 95-98° c max which isnt good at all im assuming the thermal paste has dried up or something!(defo not going to play cod on here till ive figured someting because surely 95° c is not good!i think 98° c is the thermal throttle for the cpu?) while playing on Wow the temps reach 70-75° C even on call of duty Core temp is saying im at around 50-70% load across all cores.
also thank you about the ram and ssd because i had heard of these problems before but missed a few years of pc due to mountain bikes... and i usually dont have my computer turned off but i re installed windows on it the otherday and just sat waiting for it to boot up haha.and i was thinking a 2070 would be a litttle overkill in the system and i know if i just bought a graphics card i would end up putting a few hundred £ into something that i could jsut save together and get a new pc, my problem being a am always a bit of an Intel type of guy but the problem being like you said nowerdays the new ryzen are supposed to be the first thing thats been better than Intel in a decade or something... i have no loyalties so will probably end up swapping to amd.
so my next question is ,
if i got a 240gb ssd , 2x8gb of 1600mhz corsair(ill test my old ''sticks''aswell) and a better cpu cooler i dont mind putting paying £100-150 now for it to run better until all this is over and i can get some money together for a better rig(because i can stil use the old pc for other things). but therortically if i got the 240gb ssd and a good cpu cooler(opinions from anybody for an option would be a help the please if preferable with extra hardware for an eventual upgrade i know they usually come with loads) would make it run cooler on games like cod where is says the cpu's 50-70% load and would have the extra ram there for when the memory is sat at 100%while on call of duty instead it would be at 50-60% with 16gb ? one of my friends just got a prebuilt pc for £1000
and that looks good for the price but im about out of touch, ide prefer to build my own and that usually works out cheaper but i was adding the parts on that to build and it works out the same maybe nearly more?
also sorry everybody who actually reads this ive wrote a book i know Zzz.... thank you for all your advice so far !
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