Question Would it better to get a ryzen 3600 or 3700x to upgrade my 7700k?

Get 3600,3700x or keep 7700k and give bro one of the two former options?

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Jul 27, 2017

I am helping my little brother build his first PC, figure good time to game with this pandemic..

I currently have a 7700k OC'd at 4.9. I thought id give him my old CPU/mobo/ram for free and upgrade myself. I realize theres a few options, but it seems AMDs offerings this rounds make more economic sense? Tho I realize, AMDs offering may be more lateral in performance in terms of gaming.

The two that caught my eye are the R5 3600 and R7 3700x...I know theyre practically similar aside from core count(6c12t vs 8c16t), but do you think it makes sense to pay 110 more for the 3700x(269USD) or just get the 3600 which is currently 159USD at microcenter? Ill prolly get the tomahawk MAX to go with either. Maybe theres other options tho, as there are cheaper b450 boards. If anyone has recommendations please share!

Anyways back to the OP, my current GPU(a 1080gt) that will be paired with whatever CPU I get. I game primarily at 1440p 144hz - just to throw that out there.

Additionally, either a 3600 or 3700x would be an upgrade to an 7700k 4.9ghz right..? Mines currently OC'd to 4.9, so idk if that changes anything because most reviews compare the 3600/3700x the the 7700k at stock clock. I know people are mentiong the intel chips in general at 5ghz+ are really hard to beat. So i don't want to downgrade 'by accident' since mines at 4.9ghz.

Or should I scrap this entire question and consider intel's offerings?

If I wasnt helping my lil bro get a rig now, I would have kept the 7700k.

Thanks for reading and your help!


Oct 21, 2015
Basically same diff with gaming, but the AMD will perform better in other tasks. Id go with the AMD and give bro the 7700k.

Regarding which AMD cpu , look on benchmarks - hardware unboxed is good channel. Maybe the 3600x is the best choice, i cant tell you.