Would like advice on budget build

Hey all, my buddy is on a very tight budget and wants a computer that will be good enough for gaming, nothing top end. Games he'll be playing would be WoW, Diablo 3 and possibly Battlefield 3. cart is down below.

Notes: I'm fairly confident i built the best for the price. DO NOT suggest items that are noticeably higher in price(such as $20), it's called a budget build for a reason. Do make suggestions that will save price without sacrificing power or quality or make substitutions recommendations for around the same price.


hard drive


video card





Sep 12, 2011
Cut down on the case and harddrive and upgrade the mobo. Instead of gtx460, get radeon hd 6850 which is cheaper and has more power. Instead of DDR3 1600 MHz get 1333 MHz and save 10 bucks with VERY LITTLE change in performance.
i've ended up going with a 1333mhz RAM to save a few, saved about 30 on the HDD, sticking with the 460, 6850 and 460 swap on graphics performance but i've owned many nvidia cards, desktop and mobile and never had a problem and bought 2 desktop ati cards for friends who wanted to go cheaper and both burnt out in less than a year so i'll stick with what i trust. and the 460 is cheaper than the 6850 and is smaller i believe.

this is a lot better case,psu,board and graphics card