Question Would Like Recommendations for Add-On Case Fan Control Units


May 26, 2019
I plan to build a new gaming PC either later this year or early next year. Due partly to the manufacturer's limited availability in replacement case parts, I plan to replace my Corsair 600T gaming PC case which has served me well over the past 7-8 years. One of the features that I liked with the 600T case was its case fan control knob which allowed me to adjust the speed of my case fans. I would like to have that feature available on my next PC build. At this time, I have not selected a case for my next gaming PC. If the case that I select does not have the case fan control system built-in, I would like to install an add-on case fan control unit to manually control the fans. At a minimum, I intend to install a fan in the front, top, and rear portions of the case. If the case I choose has options for installing additional fans, then I will likely add additional fans for extra cooling.

However, I am not very familiar with add-on case fan control units. I would appreciate recommendations for add-on case fan control units if my case does not come with such a feature. I am not looking for a super crazy bells and whistles control unit, I want a simple and reliable unit that will control the fans for the 3-4 years of use that I plan for the gaming PC build. Also, I would like the control unit to have enough plugs and cables if I install additional case fans or, if such a feature exists, can use case-fan power splitter cables.

My only other question is if such a case fan splitter power cable exists and I connect it to the control unit, will the power output from the two split currents be equal to or half of that from a single power cable?