Would like to have two sections of my house hardwired wondering if its possible

Oct 15, 2018
I will try and explain through words but maybe a picture would be best. The coax cable comes from the street into my house where the modem and router was originally... but i'm a gamer and wanted all that jazz in the office, i had them move the modem to the other side of the house. Problem is, is where it was originally is where my T.V and live streaming setup is. My question: is it possible to disconnect the connecting coax cable and somehow hard wire my t.v setup without interrupting my gaming setup across the house. I currently run a power line internet adapter and works okay...but nothing is better than having a hard wire.

From what i've read you cannot have two modems without paying double for internet.

Any advice is appreciated

No matter what you do, the only ONE highest performance point will be near your modem/router. If u want 2 or more, or whole house high performance, and powerline not an acceptable solution, then the only thing that satisfies is whole house ethernet wiring.