would like to thank everyone....


Aug 26, 2004
Well everyone I finally got all the problems fixed with the new build and Got the computer working. I delt with a bad harddrive problem, a refurbished radeon 9800 pro that didn't work. And this and that. I would like to thank everyone that answered any question i had about building this computer from helping me pick out parts and technical stuff. My system specs for my first bild are:

1.thermaltake 480 watt powersupply
2.gigabyte GA-K8NS nforce 3 board GA-K8NS socket 754
3.athlon 64 3000 socket 754
4.master 80 gig hard drive(maxtor)
5.slave 40 gig harddrive(maxtor)
6.radeon 9800 pro 128mb, 256bit
7.512mb ram

I know this is probally slower compared to some of your guys system but considering before this we were using a pentium 2 350 mgh computer and rdeon rage pro 8mb card. I ran 3d mark 3 and got a score of 5656. None of my system is overclocked because i don't want to get into that right now. I don't know how well that is though. were can i go to compared my scores? I went on the futuremark website but couldn't find the place to check it out. I tried to run 3d mark 5 but it said i need pixel shader 2.0. I thought the radeon 9800 pro had pixel shader 2.0 ??? Well any advise on making this computer run better that doesn't involve overclocking would be helpfull. I using the catalyst CD that came with the video card bye the way and my CPU temps run at 29 degrees celcius, on load And 35 degrees after running 3d mark 3.


It was no big deal. I am sooooo happy for you. It was a pleasure spending all those looonggg hours working to help you solve allllll your problems.

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Oct 2, 2001
Depending on the games you play you could use more Ram.

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Jun 8, 2001
You should be able to run 3DMark2005. I can with my 9600Pro
Something must be wrong/not updated with ur drivers/installation.

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