Would like to try a simple overclock


Apr 6, 2008

I have not overclocked my system since I purchased it a year ago. Yes, I am a complete greenhorn at this, :bounce: which means I would need detailed steps to set in Bios if anyone is brave enough?

My System:

9650 Extreme processor
Asus Maximus Extreme MB
6 Gig GSkill DDR3 1333 hardset at 7-7-7-18 at 1.6V
ATI 9870X2
2 WD Raptors in Raid0
2 Seagate 7500.11 in Raid0
Latest Asus Bios loaded
7 Large Case Fans in a Coolmaster Case.

I think this is it. Should I leave well enough alone or give it a shot? My interest is just a simple overclock that will not risk damage to system.


Feb 25, 2009
well how fast do u wanna go? do you have the stock heatsink?

3.6: set FSB to 400 set voltage 1.35 and run prime 95 and if its stable turn voltage down a notch and run prime again and repeat till you find the sweet spot
3.4: set fsb to 378 set voltage to 1.3 and repeat steps before

Things to do:
Make sure your ram settings stay the same (thats different with every motherboard) possibly even slow ram down till you find the sweet spot in the cpu

Make sure SpeedStep and all other power saving functions are off.

But to tell you the truth overclocking has very little impact performance in realworld applications. I barely noticed any difference overclocking my q9550 up 20% (3.4) on stock voltage. IMO overclocking is mainly for benchmarks and for bragging rights :D


Apr 6, 2008
Thanks for help. I looked in my Bios for the Multiplier would Ratio be the one and the same? Sorry to ask such a stupid question :pt1cable:, I told you I was a greenhorn at this. Suppose it would not hurt if I spent the time to read some more on this, its not like there isn't any good documentation out there....Guess I'm just being lazy....sorry


Jun 16, 2007
if the multiplier is unlocked, increase it slowly and run a prime 95 test for at least 10 minutes after each increase.

then when you get around a 400-500MHz overclock, run prime 95 for around a hour or more, (also find safe voltage increase limits for your CPU

and also make sure your not using the stock cooler if your going with a large overclock

PS if you plan on doing large overclocks, like just jumping to a high speed, then be sure you know how to clear the cmos memory of your motherboard just in case it is too unstable to boot

Another "easy" method would be to hit the "Crazy" button, in the "CPU Level Up" tab, I think that would put you at 3.51.
( Not reccomended for long term overclocking )


Apr 6, 2008
This computer was a gift that was ordered for me, she told them to build me a awsome computer which they did. It was way overkill for what i needed. It really is ment for overclocking and gaming which I do very little of. I do like Call of Duty :D .

OK, so I looked in the Bios yesterday and could not find a setting for the multiplier. I called Asus and the technican said there isn't one, Does this sound right? This was one of there top boards at the time it came out? I do see a setting for the CPU Ratio set currently at 9 (3ghz). I tryed instlling AI Suite but it seems the ACPI driver is not compatable with Windows 7RC that is running on the machine. I'm surprised Asus being a major brand dosn't have any Beta drivers for Windows 7 posted unless I'm missing it.



Apr 6, 2008
Here is my CPUZ Info

ID : 620864Submitted by RICK-PC | Mon, 27 Jul 2009 04:55:24 +0200 | Validated by CPU-Z 1.52.1Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650
Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition (Build 7100)
CPU Arch : 1 CPU - 4 Cores - 4 Threads
CPU PSN : Intel Core2 Extreme CPU X9650 @ 3.00GHz
CPUID : 6.7.6 / Extended : 6.17
CPU Cache : L1 : 4 x 32 / 4 x 32 KB - L2 : 2 x 6144 KB
Core : Yorkfield (45 nm) / Stepping : C0

Freq : 2003.73 MHz (333.96 * 6)
MB Brand : Asus
MB Model : Maximus Extreme
NB : Intel X38 rev 01
SB : Intel 82801IR (ICH9R) rev 02

GPU1 Type : ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2
GPU1 Clocks : Core 300 MHz / RAM 901 MHz
GPU2 Type : ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2
DirectX Version : 10.0

RAM : 6144 MB DDR3 Dual Channel
RAM Speed : 667.9 MHz (1:2) @ 7-7-7-18
Slot 1 : 2048MB (10700)
Slot 1 Manufacturer : G.Skill
Slot 2 : 1024MB (10700)
Slot 2 Manufacturer : G.Skill
Slot 3 : 2048MB (10700)
Slot 3 Manufacturer : G.Skill
Slot 4 : 1024MB (10700)
Slot 4 Manufacturer : G.Skill

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