Would my device manager tell me if my hard disk was not working properly?


Jan 3, 2012
Keep getting a pop up that tells me that my hard disk is failing. " windows detected a hard disk problem" then it gives me choices and the details list my samsung HD642JJ ATA hard disk. However, when I go to device manager, it says that my hard disk is working properly. Thinking this was a rouge pc. of scareware, I ran malwarebytes, but found nothing. Thoughts? Is this pop up real or not?
Windows is reading the SMART values directly from your drive and reporting a failure. You can download free software to view the SMART values in your hard drive. At this point, I'd make sure you have a good backup of your data before the drive dies.

Here is one of many free SMART software.


EDIT: the device manager doesn't read SMART values, it only states that the device driver for that device is working properly.