Question Would Noctua NF-A12X25 fans be inferior to the stock Corsair fans on my H100i v2 radiator in cooling?


Dec 30, 2010
Iwanted to replace my radiator fans on the H100i v2. These have the following specifications:
Hydro Series™ H80i/H100i SP120L 2700 RPM Replacement PWM Fan (
Max RPM: 2700 RPM
CFM: 74.42
Fan Noise: 37.68 Dba
The Noctua NF-A12x25 has the below specs
Rotational speed :2000 RPM
CFM: 60
Does this mean my temps will be higher on the Noctua vs the Corsair SP120L? And is the Noctua NF-A12x25 the best 120mm fan out there?
Also, is A12x25 better than NF-F12 for cooling on radiators? The fans would also be used as intake for my S340 Elite case.

Thanks in advance for helping :)
You have a good brand choice in mind but,
The Noctua Ippc fans have higher static pressure which would work better when mounted on radiators.

They have a greater potential of moving more air through the rad at lower rpms then the model you are looking at with higher rpms.

I have the h100iv2 on a r5 2600x and corsair link 4 the pump on performance or (extreme on Icue), fans running at performance level and rmps are 1600-1900 rpm and stay in that area until I start stress testing then the fans kick up higher but not to there full max speed.
On max speed yes they can be load for someone with sensitive hearing especially when the case maybe 2ft away.
When I stress test I kick them to max for stress testing or ocing then set them back down to performance level which is a good noise to performance ratio.

But I look at it as if you want the best cooling you can get there are compromises to be made and I will deal with the noise for better cooling.

I have Noctua's Ippc's 3000rpm versions on my 3 corsair coolers.
1x corsair h100i v2 r5 2600x 31c @1600 rpm idle
1x corsair h110i r5 3600 this 1 is my son's
And I haven't messed with it much as he is using it for his covid home school learning.
He is High Functioning Autistic and would let me know in a heart beat if it bothered him.
1x corsair h110i r5 3600x oc'ed @4.30ghz
Idel temp 26c
Running asus realbench for 8hr stress test
Temps max during mid 60c's
Gaming on Ghost Recon temps stay low to mid 50c's
Still on performance level fan settings.

Cpu Temps are ambient room dependent but stay about 22c / 75f

Prices are a little higher per fan and Worth Every Penny!!!!!!!

Hope some of this helps.
Good Luck with your choice and will be around if you need!!!!!!!!!
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1)Hey now, you've left out the static pressure - that matters too.
4.65mmH2O on the H100i V2's stock fans
2.34mmH2O on the NF-A12x25

Since manufacturers don't post fan curves, no one knows how a fan will perform at a given speed below 100%; performance is not linear relative to speed.
Generally, yes, you will be sacrificing performance. The SP120L's just have more raw power.

2)There is no 'best 120mm fan' out there.
Different specs, applications, etc.
The NF-A12x25 is a middle of the road, jack of all trades fan. The F12 is the superior radiator fan - at least at 100%.
But people seldom run fans at that speed... and manufacturers don't post curves, so...

All I can confirm is what I said in point 1: You will be sacrificing performance swapping to NF-A12x25, at least on the higher end of the curve.
How much? No idea.


I had to give up on mine for the time being, and thus replaced them all with Chromax Blacks.

Dumb thing to do, I know; I could just run the IPPCs at lower rpms, but it was really bugging me at the time that I wasn't making the most of those fans' power because of that.
Splitters also aren't a great idea with the 140mm model especially. Just one is 0.55A at max...

As the Chromax Blacks die, I'll put the IPPCs back in. I won't need any more fans for quite some time!
NF-A15 Chromax: 1
NF-A14 Chromax: 7
NF-S12A Chromax: 3
NF-F12 Chromax: 3
NF-A9: Kraken G12 fan
IPPC 3000 120mm: 11
IPPC 3000 140mm: 9
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Hey I'd have no problem running your chromax 14's as case fans.
Also Op I have not had to replace a noctua fan yet!!!! Out of 4x 120's and 4x 140's.
I just bought a Arctic Freezer Esports 34 Duo and I won't hesitate to try it with a pair 120 IPPC's.
My h110i is approaching it's 5 yr mark,
And wanted something more then the stock r5 3600x cooler to have on hand till
I decide on another 280mm or a 360mm.
Black Friday didn't make me jump lets see if Cyber Monday does? But if not for the most part I think 2 more 120's may be getting ordered.
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What is the problem you are trying to solve?
Stronger radiator fans will indeed lower your cpu temperatures some.
But, that comes at a cost.
First, the cost of the fans and also in noise from higher rpm.
There may also be a cost in reduced cooling for your graphics card and motherboard. That is because the extra heat extracted from the cpu will be dumped into the case.

Your case supports two 140mm front intakes which can move a massive amount of air quietly.
If you use a good air cooler, things will run better and quieter.