Would this barebones prebuilt be a good mid-range performer?


Sep 6, 2011

After reading more about CyberPower, I have decided to not pursue any business with them for the foreseeable future. However, during my investigations I came across several recommendations for Ironside, a smaller - albeit more satisfactory - reseller that had offerings within my price range.

Above, the link will direct you to the system that I'm looking to purchase for games like WoW and LotRO. With its specs, could I expect reasonable performance to fulfill my mid-range gaming needs? There aren't many options to further configure, but the base product looks sound.

(And no, I'm not looking for suggestions to build.)


Aug 18, 2011
You could probably save quite a bit of money and buy all of those parts yourself and then build it, but that's me, and like you said your not looking for any suggestions. My only concern is the graphics card. It is, to say, the worst of the best for Direct X11 gaming. Perhaps if you could invest a little bit more in it, perhaps a better 400 series card or I would say a 560ti? There are alot more options on that website.

I would say get this comp
and upgrade the GPU to the 560ti, if your budget allows. Thats all I can recommend. It would definitley be an investment for the future, especially if you are a gamer. Which wouldn't apply i guess if you plan on playing WoW and LotRO for the rest of your life.... :p

Also, have them install windows 7 home premium for you. They charge you 99 dollars to do it, and buying windows 7 home premium OEM costs about 99 dollars. a few retailers MIGHT have a discount of a FEW dollars. So just let 'em do it for you. Less things for you to worry about once you get the PC.