Question Would this be a good way to upgrade my system for Gaming/Streaming?


Dec 1, 2021
Hello all of you wonderful people! Allison here! I am wanting to upgrade my build. The three things on the table at this moment are the CPU, MoBo, and RAM. I have a 650W, decent, PSU. It is a Corsair CX650M, nothing fancy at all. But it will do the job for now, right? The GPU I have right now is a 3060ti but I plan to upgrade that to a 4090 in 4-5 months. I will be getting a new CPU cooler, the Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE, but that is not counted in my budget. I have a large full metal NZXT ATX case that I am going to swap out for a smaller, lighter, cuter case down the road. But I think building in this case will let me do anything I want. After that, I just need to make sure my build fits in the new case. Seems better than getting a case and then making sure my build stays in the walls of that case.

My budget for the upgrades is $750 USD total. I live in the US, I am not near a Micro Center but I would be willing to travel to one for a good deal so long as they can confirm they will have the deal for me when I arrive. I have my heart set on some RAM and a CPU but the motherboard is very up in the air for me right now. I really want 32gigs of the G.Skill Trident Z5 that I can upgrade to 64 gigs if it is having trouble with heavy modding. I am rather interested in the 13600k as well. I have only ever used Nvidia/Intel. I do not think they are better than AMD or anything. I just have always had a preference. I am willing to use AMD but only if it can give more power for less money on a noticeable level. But, if you think I would be just as happy with the 13600k as I would be with anything else at the price point, I would like to just go with that. As for the motherboard I had in mind, I was thinking about the MSI Z690-A Pro. Though I am not very invested into that one.

So what do you think? What changes would you make? I am trying to not only reach a point where my 3060ti is not being hindered by my CPU/RAM, but also a point where I can put the 4090 in and be able to run that hard too. And none of this would be the final 4090 build. I plan to upgrade part by part until I feel everything is on the level of the 4090. lol. By the end of it I am going to have like a 4090, an i9, 128 gigs of RAM, just stupid pointless specs when all I do is game and stream. But it will be fun. I will still call it money well spent.
I would look at something like this down below. That Gigabyte board in the link is due to arrive in the US any day now as it's already a hot seller in Europe. Same goes for the i5 13500 which will sell for $250. That cpu trades blows with the AMD Ryzen 5 7600 in gaming and chews it up in multi threaded task such as video rendering.
Gigabyte B760 GAMING X $150 if I had to guess.
Intel Core i5-13500 $249.99
Team T-Force Vulcan DDR5 5600 32GB (2x16GB) CL36 $124.99
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