Jul 7, 2009
I would be purchasing these parts within the next 2 weeks to be used for sporadic gaming, surfing the web, and videos. I have no interest in overclocking and my monitor res is 1280x1024. Here is the build in question My budget is in the 500-800 dollar range, hopefully on the lower side. Let me know what you guys think, thanks! oh, would be using xp till windows 7
You need to make the wishlist public for it to be viewable. Also its easier if you just post the links to the parts. And by sporadic gaming what do you mean? And if there are certain games that helps because certain games behave better on nVidia or on ATI cards.
That PSU is massive overkill, you dont need anymore than about 450 watts for a 4770, and for the price of that 4770 you can get a 4850 which performs slightly better but the trade off is slightly more power.

Turned out that it just needed a bit more time to make it public, the link works now.