Would this psu do the job?


planning yet another pc build.
sofar, my specs are probably going to be:
amd athlon64 3500+ singlecore
msi k8n neo2 motherboard
wd 160gb hard drive
2 120mm fans
ata dvd burner
stock cpu cooler
partitioned hd to half xp pro and half win7 ultimate (i think thats what ill do)
1gb later to be 2gb ddr ram.
anything im forgetting?
anyway, i was wondering if an areocool 550w psu (sleeved cables, side windows,etc) that i could pretty much get fir free USED would do the trick. my other optioin is an OKIA 550 or 500w (im nto sure which). ihave read that the okia is crap(it does look cheap and wighs nothing) but which would be the better option. i think that 550w is overkill anyway...but one of those would be good.
also, im wondering what graphics card i should use. the motherboard only has agp. i could do a nvidia quadro fx 3000 or a nvidia geforce4. which would be better. i know the quadro has 256mb of GDDR ram but im nto sure about the geforce one...

mister g

Mar 6, 2010
I say scrap the mobo, CPU and get something better. AGP is old and the only thing modern you can get for it is a 4850 for AGP that will be bottlenecked by the bus. The CPU being single-core is the bare minimum to do word processing, Twitter, the like not for gaming. The mobo being stuck with only DDR RAM isn't going to help you. I've never heard of either OKIA, or Aerocool, so I won't recommend either but it might be because I'm in the US. Just my opinion though.
Ok so first, if you got all that for free or cheap that is awesome. If you didn't, that stuff is old, and not worth the cost.

Any of those power supplies will get the job done.

As for the video card, what is your intended use for the system? The FX Quadro series are not gaming cards. They are designed for workstations and optimized for CAD. It wouldn't preclude you from gaming it's just that an equal gaming card would perform much better. However as for Geforce 4 Vs Quadro FX 3000, I believe the 3000 would win because the core of this FX is similar to the core in the FX5900.

If you want to get a new graphics card, I would recommend this:
Aerocool and Okia power supplies are not very well known in the USA. The Okia power supplies are usually listed as Broadway Com psu's in the USA.

I checked several references. The power supplies are not high quality units. Aerocool has a tendency to leave out power factor correction and the power supplied to video cards tends to be low. The Okia psu's are worse. Their +12 volts rails are seriously underpowered.


lol i alrady did the psu calculator before i posted this...273w
i still thinkthe best quality psu i can get for like 5 bucks is the aerocool. a also got the mobo almost free, and i alrady own the nvidia quadro and i could get the geforece4 for rally cheap.