Question Would this PSU fit in a low PSU slot?

Aug 9, 2022
Hello everyone,

After 13 years it's time i rebuild my pc. Over the years i've replaced the graphic card and the PSU only. So i'm going to buy every single piece online and assemble it at home, like i did with this PC.

I opted out for a Ryzen 5 5600x, MSI B550 A PRO, 16 GB ram, a 500 gb SSD NVMe M.2 (my 13 year HDD deserve some rest i think). And then i will recycle from my old PC the PSU (which has only a couple of years) and the GPU which is a GTX 1060 3 GB.

So i have an Antec 650W 80+ Bronze, and in the old case the PSU has a slot in the upper part of the case, and there it is.

But nowadays all mid tower atx have a low slot for PSU.

Will i have trouble in using my PSU in the new mid tower atx case?

There are some acronyms i should look out for (like SSD/HDD/NVMe M.2 for hard drives) in the specs of the PSU or the case for compatibility?


The only difference between top and bottom mounted PSUs in the case is the direction you face the fan (Most top mount cases draw air from inside the case, most bottom mounts draw air from their own vent outside the case).
Other than flipping the PSU over there is nothing more that needs to be done.

Overall PSU tech has not changed much, so you likely wont have to worry about compatibility either.
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