Question Would this UPS be good for my build?


Apr 25, 2019
Hi, I'm running a 1070ti with an R7 2700 on an FSP Aurum 92+ 650w Platinum PSU... Would this UPS be good? I was reading on UPS earlier and I've read a post that a box wave CAN damage your PSU? Is this true? Since this one advertises that it uses a square wave when it switches to battery mode...

Here are the specs of the UPS:

SECURE UPS (1500VA/ 1050watts), 220VAC, 4x outlet, BLACK
Input Voltage : 220VAC
Frequency : 50hz – 60hz
Output Voltage : 220VAC
Capacity VA/Wattage : 1500VA/1050Watts
Transfer Time : ≤10ms including direction time
Wave Form : Sine wave under main supply, square wave under battery operation
Protection :
Overload: As load over 130%, UPS is protected in 3seconds.
Load input: Fuse for overload and short circuit protection.
Short Circuit: UPS cut off immediately.
Battery : Type: Sealed lead acid maintenance-free.
Protection : Auto-inspection, discharge protection and battery fault caution.
Battery : Normally, battery is charge once in three months, it is less than 6hours charging a time.
Audible Alarm:
Battery Mode.
Sufficient battery capacity, buzzer rings every 4seconds, red light flash.
Insufficient battery capacity, buzzer rings every 1second, red light flashing.
Battery Low Voltage or Overload/Short Circuit:
Buzzer keeps ringing, red light on.

Any input will be appreciated. Thank you!