Would US components work with Australian PSU?


Apr 9, 2011
Hi, sorry if I sound like a total noob but I was just wondering if components bought in the USA will work with a PSU bought in Australia?

I'm planning to move to Australia in about half a year and want to move my desktop over and do an upgrade at the same time, and components are cheaper here in the states than they are Down Under so I figured I can just get a PSU there because the power plug is different.

So does voltage matter for any of the components? We use 110v in the US and it's 240v in Australia. I know pretty much all PSU's now can work with 110-240v but will 240v fry my other components? Do components like CPU, memory sticks, GPU, and etc have region specific designs that restrict them to a particular voltage? Or would the Australian PSU automatically convert the 240v to whatever is needed for my components? :eek: :sweat:

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if anything I said has been unclear and I will try to further clarify.