Question Would you play this kind of game? PC Benchmark Simulator.

Basically here's the idea.

You pick your PC parts but instead of putting it together you get to benchmark them.

Any questions?
Anyone interested?

I'm making this game but I feel like maybe nobody is interested. Still at least doing it for fun though.


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How do you suppose you are going to create code that can accurately benchmark either existing or theoretical parts?

If that were possible, things like Anandtech bench wouldn't require real world testing, nor would userbenchmark, game debate or Passmark have any need to exist.

It would be great, if it could be done, but I don't see any possible way you can get anything that even remotely passes for real results using virtual hardware on a virtual benchmarking tool.
The difference is that mine focuses less on building and more on testing out how the hardware would perform. They are similar but not the same. Also I'm not really going for 100% accuracy. It's more an entertainment thing.