Question WoW classic, gpu usage 100% 500 fps / now its 15% load but 70-100 fps?

Nov 29, 2020
not sure but on wow classic, first day I played I was at 400-500+ FPS with max settings but 100% gpu load when playing..

now i'm on a new monitor, possibly new windows update and now my gpu usage is around 15%-20% with same settings but fps stays around 120, lowest at 70.

just turned on vsync and still the same. not sure if this is good? keeping my gpu from full load and wear and tear on it by running the game smooth with lowest load or if I should be using more load on my gpu to get 150+ minimum full time for my 144 hz monitor?

my cam software shows below 30 fps / avg fps and didn't notice it until yesterday that my fps has dipped a lot, then took a look at my gpu usage and saw it went down by A LOTTT..

i also had xmp issues getting my 32gb ram to 3600mhz but ended up using dram frequency to get it set with proper timing..

im on an rtx 3070 aorus / ryzen 5 5600x / 32gb vengeance rgb pro 3600mhz ram / msi b550 mpg carbon fiber wifi mobo...

s/s of cam

temps of my gpu in game are's not even pushing the gpu at all?
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