Question Wraith Stealth cooler noise issue


Aug 3, 2020
I have a new AMD 5700 with the stock Wraith Stealth cooler just installed. The cooler makes a moderate buzzing sound even at low fan speeds. Tapping or pressing on the actual fan blade itself doesn't affect the noise (unless I stop the fan entirely), but if I do a five-finger grab and slightly squeeze the encircling fan blade ring the noise goes away entirely (and without altering the fan rpms either). Pressing the aluminum base itself changes nothing. I've tried retorqueing the cooler to the mobo a few times without any help.

Any ideas on what may stop this? Other than a new cooler entirely?
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Math Geek

every wrath cooler i have installed has been noisy in one way or another. i've seen what you are describing as well as a number of other ways it is annoying. you can replace the fan itself which would fix the fan noise obviously.

this would be the cheapest way vs replacing the whole cooler. it's a 92 mm fan you can replace for about $10 with a better fan easy enough.

more than that and you're probably better off buying a new cooler for the money.
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Mar 28, 2022
I bought a 5600G and the stock cooler noise is like as though someone struck a tuning fork on a pad. The constant brrrr sound is annoying. Earlier, I had an SMPS whose fan started making a loud grrrr sound. I opened the fan and applied some grease at the bearing, and the noise stopped. Wondering if we can do this with the AMD stock cooler too?
Also, I've noticed that the noise is louder when the cabinet is placed vertically. If I place it horizontally, the noise is barely detectable.