Wrist pad for Razer Scarab?


Nov 26, 2008
I recently found a Razer Scarab mouse pad for pretty cheap at a local store and purchased it to compliment my Mamba. I had been using a small, generic mouse pad. I like the pad itself for performance, but the edges are quite sharp as I tend to rest my wrist on the edge or slightly off the pad.

Anyone have any recommendations for a good wrist pad to try to compliment the scarab? I thought about maybe filing the edge of the pad down a bit but not sure if I want to go that route.
if its a hard pad then get some wet and dry . wrap it round a small block of soft wood and rub the edges till there no longer sharp.
spending more money on another pad is just a waste of money.
most pads are gimmicks anyway, especially from razor... i know i have the destructor and the 1 razor mouse i used on it(the lachesis) hated it... my rat 7 contagion loves it though so its not a total waste... just a shame i had to wait over a year b4 i could use the pad properly.