Question Write Protected SSD can't be deleted

Apr 18, 2021
I need to wipe the SSD I used to use for my old pc. It can't boot but has all the files on it. I tried to delete/partition the drive but it said it was read/write-protected. I have tried many methods like cd's, command prompts(disk attributes), editing the security file, Regedit, and almost everything I came across on the internet. It remains read/write blocked and I can't wipe it.
if the ssd worked then stopped then it locked in read mode it happens when the ssd hits the end of it life or on some of them when there were bios bugs that ended drives lives after a set time. if the ssd is real old you can try to update the firmware see if it goes out of it protected mode. if it wont and you dont want the data read again. your into pro data wipe zone. you can crush/chop the drive up. or use to many voltages into the controller/data chips and burning them out.