[SOLVED] Write speed of my HDD is extremely slow

May 26, 2019
I bought a 3TB HDD (ST3000DM007) 5400rpm about a year ago and I think ever since I got the HDD it wouldn't work as I wished, so I just put the problem behind me for a while. I decided that I probably installed it wrong so I just redid it. I don't seen any improvement at all. Nothing is wrong with it as said in CrystalDiskInfo, but it's just really slow. I tested the speed and the speed and these were the results:

Sequential Read [MB/s]: 172.81
Sequential Write [MB/s]: 2.31
Picture: View: https://imgur.com/a/CNZGoxT

This isn't my main HDD. The ones I mainly use are my 250G SSD and my 1TB WD Blue HDD. Both work perfectly when doing normal things. Could someone please help me with my problem?

Tested it again and got
Sequential Read [MB/s]: 182
Sequential Write [MB/s]: 144

While looking on task manager and downloading a game on steam, it's 100% active but no read or write speed. It flickers up but for like half a second.
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