Wrong flash XFX R9 270; Can I use a SPI flash programmer?

Feb 7, 2019
Hello to everyone, I'm new in this forum. I hope someone can help me. I want to buy an XFX R9 270 video card at a very low cost, so if it does not work again the plate would not lose much. The seller said that flashing with an underclock and the board did not give more video. I saw many forums to revive plaque, but I want to ask the following to make an alternative method. I have experience in reprogramming router BIOS or computers which are flash memories of the spi type, I have to programmer and knowledge. I need to know if the BIOS of the video cards are flash memories of the type spi for example 25xx or 24xx or some similiar. I also own the willem programmer. Is it possible to desolder the bios of the board and flash it again? Is it integrated in the processor or is it separate? Because if it's like in the router or pc I think it could be. Thanks for reading the extensive message. Sorry for that

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