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First off, your link don't work, no biggy.

First thing is that you need a solid powersupply, the P-D 805 OCed takes a LOT of power. I wouldn't trust the PSU in that case! It probably has the proper Wattage, but it probably lacks the proper Amperage!

You should probably look at a Separate case/PSU to make sur it fullfill your needs.
I would suggest a Antec P150 combo or a Fortron Source in the 450-500W range!

Also that motherboard tottaly sucks at OCing, note that with this CPU it won't mather because of the Incredibly high multiplier but if you ever plan on upgrading for a Core 2 Duo or even better the next revision of the C2D with 1333FSB, you will be screwed.

A much much much beter OCer would be Biostar 965
But you don't have SLI/RAID/Firewire and so on.

Other ten that, for the price, you should have something pretty powerfull.
Like the cooler, the video card and the ram should do fine.