May 31, 2010
about a week after the sims3 came out, i went and bought it. i love all the sims games. on the sims 3 i bought the one that came $10 worth of free sim points for the sims store. i made an account after i had installed the game. then, the next day i tried to get back onto my sms store account, i forgot my password, and everything else along with it. so then, i tried to create a new account but my serial code would not work. so, yesterday, but remember i had this problem ever since a week after it came out, i uninstalled everything from my computer. and tried to do another new account for the sims store, but my serial code kept saying that it was invalid and that i needed to enter a valid serial code in bright red. i was hoping to call in and to get a new code, but i could never talk to a person directly on the phone. i have tried many times ever since this has first started happening,and i searched for hours on the computer, but no one else had this problem. so now i don't know what to do.
Sincerely, Lostsiminator