WTB High end GPU

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Mar 12, 2011
Alright i have about 500 Bucks i wanna throw on a GPU But i dont know which one i wanna run with people say Dual 6850s are the way to go but i heard a single GTX 580 is better. Could you guys shot me the way of the best performance any suggestions will be helpfully. Also could somone point me to a good brand video card and one that stays cold
What kinda of games do you play and what type of fps are you looking for?

For $500 I would go with a single GTX570.That way you can afford the best model that's avalible.And when you have the money you can add another for SLI.

But if you were looking to max out every detail in every game then a pair of GTX560ti's might be better.It all depends on what your looking to get out of the GPU purchase.
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