[WTS] Custom Loop - FTW3 3080 (Non-LHR) - 9900KF


Feb 25, 2016

Asking $3000
I am in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Pickup/Drop Off would be best. I will travel to some neighboring states to drop off for a fee (gas isn’t cheap). PM for questions. Shipping on this device would be fairly expensive as it has a lot of weight but we can talk about that if necessary.

This build has served me well however I am moving and with the start of a family no longer have a need for it. This runs pretty much anything I throw at it on full with 1440P and 144Hz.
If you have any questions about it let me know. I have never used it for Crypto Mining just some casual gaming as I am in my thirties and wish I had more time to play around on this beast. It does hold 1 record for like specs on 3DMark Port Royal at the moment. The top score hipsh0t-2 is mine 3DMark Port Royal Score.

Parts list is as follows:

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X
Intel i9-9900KF (5.0GHz all core slightly undervolted)
EVGA FTW3 3080 (Non-LHR)
Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Z390
16GBs (8x2) 3866MHz Trident Z (not RGB)
EVGA 850 GQ Gold PSU w/ Colored Extensions
500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME
1TB Sandisk Ultra 3D NVME

Cooling parts are as follows:
Bitspower Summit Black RGB CPU Block
Bitspower Classic FTW3 3080 Block
Bitspower Touchaqua XYZ Reservoir with P5D
Bitspower 200ml Reservoir
2 Nemesis GTS Slim 280mm Radiators
4 LianLi Unis SL 140mm Fans
4 Phantek 140mm PH-F140XP Fans
All Fittings are Bitspower 16mm OD
All Tubes are Bitspower 16mm OD

There is also a 5" Display in the window down bottom where I usually have an aida64 temperature gauge. This plus in via HDMI and has an adapter on the bottom. There is a small hole I put in the bottom of the case to feed the cable. It is well hidden unless you look underneath the PC case.
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May I ask where you came up with the $3000 price tag? Interested but not at that price.


Feb 25, 2016
Yeah man no worries. The parts cost me around $2500 I did not buy the 9900KF when it came out I bought it about 3 months before the 3080 launched. The cooling parts cost me a little over $1500 themselves (fittings are expensive). If you were interested in talking price and would want to pick up.. pm me
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