Question WWW presentation + servicies for customers question

Jul 18, 2019
Hello everybody,
i have got question for you which i need please help. I have got www presentation of corporate. Information are about products, places, etc. Normal corporate web. This web is placed on webhosting which solves security, backup, certificates and so on.
At this time i need upgrade this websides about services for customers such as SFTP which can I setup how i need etc. Problem is webhosting providers what i found is not allow detail setup of SFTP. So I setup own linux server where i setup SFTP and so on. But at this time i dont know if I should merge websides of corporate to linux server and have all things under one roof or for security rather leave websides of corporate under webhosting provider and on my linux server have only services for customers.

What do you think ? Could you please tell me pros and cons of these solution ?
Should I transfer all under one roof or not ?

Thank you very much


Personally, I've never cared for web hosting services. They often limit your functionality and if they ever go down, you're at their mercy for how long your corporate web is running off of their back up server (if they have one). I definitely prefer having things under my own control (insert evil laugh).

All kidding aside, I don't see that it's really that much of a difference. Hosting your own web site means you need to open those ports in your firewall. More open ports means more open vulnerabilities to network security.

If you've had good experience with your web hosting company and you don't mind the continual hosting cost, then I'd probably just add a link on your hosted site to your own linux SFTP server.

-Wolf sends