X box 360 vs gaming pc


Mar 31, 2012
i have a budget of $500 and i can buy an i3 4 gb ddr3 ram and 500 hard drive and a graphic card of 198 biots 1 gb + the builten graphic card is also in the cpu iwant to play big games like call of duty series, smackdown vs raw series gta series
including gta 4 and 5 , resident evil 5 and others cryses 1 and 2.or for all these games i should go for a x box 360 which is good guys help me i am confused.Hello,


Apr 18, 2011
If your max budget is 500 dollars and you don't have any salvageable parts (ie. an old hard drive, monitor, kb, mouse etc) then honestly buying an Xbox and a couple of games that you're interested in would probably be a better investment. It will cost far less, and at the very least the games for Xbox are designed to function on the console reasonably well from release. One thing that you will find, if you're forced into looking at a computer with integrated graphics (as opposed to discrete) is that almost no game is going to play very nicely.

If you have some salvageable parts (ie monitor, keyboard, mouse) etc then you can potentially build a computer that will play games reasonably well (but absolutely will not max settings on demanding). It would look something like:

gtx 460: 130 dollars after mib
i3-2120: 130 dollars
asrock extreme3 gen.3 motherboard: 120 dollars (can be had for 110 with mib sometimes)
4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram: 25 dollars
coolermaster extreme 500w power supply: 35 dollars
coolermaster HAF-912 case: 40 dollars

Brings you in just under your budget before tax or shipping.


Mar 29, 2012
Xbox will always run newest games and doesn't have incompatibility issues.
And if you're not willing to build your own PC, you can't find a machine for $500 that run all those games.

I suggest you get the Xbox.