Jan 16, 2010
Hello All,

I have an HTPC rig with Windows 7, X-Fi Extreme, ATI 5770. I have installed all the latest and greatest drivers for all of my hardware (yes the 9.12 hotfix). This HTPC has always been for TV, Movies, Internet, and Games.

My issue is that I can not get my X-Fi audio to pass through the ATI's HDMI cable to my receiver. I set up the HDMI as the default in W7s audio config but W7's config seems a bit off. I seem to remember being able to tell Windows to use multiple audio devices in previous versions but it seems like a lot of the old options are gone.

Currently I get all seven channels of audio fro the speaker setup for HDMI and nothing from the X-Fi. There is also no way to tell the X-fi to pass everything to the HDMI or even SPDIF.

I had the glimmer of hope that I would only have one audio connection to the receiver. Is this setup hosed? Am I better off just ripping the X-Fi out and pretending I have good game audio? Has anyone else tried this config for an HTPC?

Thanks in advance,



Dec 2, 2004
When passing audio through the ATI card you are utilizing the onboard sound processor and it processed there. By trying to pass X-Fi audio through the ATI card you are in effect trying to double process it. It will be processed on the X-Fi then processed again by the ATI card. So in short, you can't do it. Either pass it through the X-Fi or through the ATI card.

I personally pass it through the ATI card to a home theater receiver which does a better job at sound than any X-Fi card.