Apr 3, 2006
I'm thinking about buying a Senheiser PC155 Headset and I've been stumped on one little question about an extra feature in the headphones. If I plugged in the USB portion of the headset instead of the audio jacks, would it still work with the X-fi or would it use the onboard (which is disabled through BIOS) OR use its own little thing via USB magic. Nothing really that would sway me against buying or for buying, it's just one of those things I would like to know without me having to test it out myself.


Dec 24, 2005
The USB headsets you buy have their own little USB 'sound card' built in, although sometimes (as is with my logitech one) you can remove the USB dongle and use them as normal ones.

EDIT: Yours can be plugged in by jacks too :)

This is a blessing and a curse, a curse in that your X-Fi will make no odds to them. A blessing in that if you use it for Teamspeak, Ventrilllo, and VoIP while doing other things with your computer, your computer has two sound cards (the true one, attached to speakers, and the USB one on the headset), meaning you can talk and hear the other people on the headset while all sounds from games etc come from the speakers. To me this makes the USB thingy worth it, as otherwise I end up turning off the game volume while using voice comms.

I find it much easier to separate the sounds coming from two sources.


No. I'm sorry, but simply No. Your PC will see the USB'd headset as a completely seperate audio solution and the X-Fi won't sleep with the USB headset any more than it will process and send sound to USB speakers. :(


Aug 31, 2009
Thats lame. Logitech should come up with a fix in their software. I hate having to close and open programs and unplug and plug the headset in everytime I wanna listen to music from the speakers. So lame. I wish I had waited and gotten 3.5mm plugged headset. 200$ definately NOT worth it.

Voice morphing is horrid too. Not worth even putting it in. none of the voices are clear enough to even use as recoding and mixing my own music.

Thats just how the USB audio stack works; any USB headset has the same exact problem.