X2 3800+ overclock reset


Feb 17, 2009
I am fairly new to overclocking and wanted to overclock my 3 years old cpu.
Here is what I have:

CPU: DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+@ 2.0 ghz (Manchester)
Ram: (Bad I know) I have 4 sticks and 2 of them are different >_> so it’s 2x512 (max : 2.5-3-3-8 @200MHz) and 2x512 (max: 3.0-3-3-8@ 200MHz). Currently running at (2.5-3-3-7@ 167MHz) at 2T
My multipliers set for 10x 200 (so ram runs at 1/12 ratio)
Motherboard: Asus A8R-MVP (crossfire)
Also I bought a new cooler – (Coolermaster Hyper 212) – Temperature is not a problem now.

So I overcloacked it to 2.4MHz by increasing FSB to 240 and setting my ram lower limit to 167 so it automatically overclocked to 200 (to maintain the 1/12 ratio) reduced HyperTransport clock to 800, which it boosted up to 960. Also increased voltage to 1.4V. The overclock was successful I ran Prime95 for a good amount of time (4 hours), ran memtest several times while overclocking (all without error) Temps are good – full load @ 49.

My problem is… Whenever I first boot my pc (from the shut down state) it ALWAYS lowers my clock speeds (everything… cpu and ram, so for 2400MHz it would reset it to 2208MHz), if I reboot and do nothing in bios it will go to the settings it should be (my overclocked settings I set up – 2400). So no matter which settings I choose (except default) it always sets something lower after my first boot, which can be fixed by either restarting or going into bios and just exiting.

Do you know what is wrong?

I managed to oveclock it to 2512MHz and ram @ 210, still no errors but when it first boots I get the same reset.

Thanks in advance =)