X34 or pg348q

I have read and read and read but am torn with specs. Both monitors aside from their bezels are practically identical but the acer x34 has a 4ms response time and the Asus has a 5ms. Will this make a difference? Is one really any better than the other? Should I just grab the acer 32inch 4K monitor? Should I just get the acer z35 2560x1080p 35 inch ultra wife that's also 144hz? I don't know what to do lol. I pretty much strictly game.


On an aesthetic level I would say the Acer is more of an adult's monitor. Not sure why the ASUS one has all the extra detailing on the back. Was the opposite with the 2560x1440 the ASUS looked like you could put it in an office and the Acer looked like it was made for a 14 year old.

Can 780Ti SLI push 3440x1440 at 100hz? Non sure on that one. They are roughly a GTX980 in performance if I recall, and I don't think a pair of them would manage too well, they didn't always perform for me at 2560x1440 in all titles. Depends on the settings I suppose.

2560x1080 is going to be a pretty low pixel density at 35", basically a 27" 16:9 stretched out. I like my old 27" 1080p when I bought it, it was huge and 2560x1440@60hz was still super expensive. But it wasn't the best thing to read on.

But if you are willing to spend 1200 on a monitor, maybe a GTX1080 or two wouldn't be outside your budget.
Well it should do 2560x1080 no problem as I've seen a few of those 2560x1080 ultra wides in person and they are truly beautiful screens also. I am trying to hold out until a 1080ti if we get one of those OR wait for Volta. The gpu's are overclocked a good bit and I figured I'd have to run at 2560x1080 for a bit possibly which I'm ok with because like I said I've seen the benq and acer 35 inch 2560x1080 144hz monitors and they do look really cool. The curved aspect is kinda neet once I saw it in person. I figure running the monitor in 2560x1080 at 100hz will look equally good as the benq and acer z35. I'm just wondering if something like the z35 x34 or new 32 inch 4K would have been the better route. I feel wrap around really kinda immerses you better than a flat screen so I think I'm kinda partial to that but with the Asus being 5ms and the acer being 4ms is it worth cancelling my order and waiting another couple of days for the acer to come in?