Question X370 How safe is using Beta Bios for Zen 3

Sep 16, 2020
Hi, I originally wanted to upgrade from 1700X to 3800X and then I saw on the forums a few posts from reddit that they safely and stably use the Ryzen 5 5600X on "Asrock AB350 Gaming K4" So I found out and found bios for my board. Is it safe to install the Processor on this board? And is it possible? It's just about saving money so I don't have to buy a more expensive board for an expensive processor. Thanks. (Not originaly from me, but asking for friend who doesnt want to create account. idk why)


There is actually an article via Toms that discusses this, and if you happen to speak German there is a user website that discusses the Beta (technically Alpha) there. From my own understanding of it, it works with the 5600X, but no one has said anything about stability in the OS environment. I had considered it for a moment, but really don't want to (possibly) ruin a motherboard/CPU over trying it. I will leave that to folks with more disposable income and time on their hands than I have.

Edit- if you do, please report back as I am interested in knowing more


The biggest concern with going to an updated BIOS to gain support with Zen 3 (and possibly Zen 2) processors is that support for older processors gets dropped. For example if you were to update to 6.00, you can no longer use the 1700X. Worse yet, BIOS upgrade paths are one way if microcode gets updated (The "AMD AGESA Combo" software). So once you update to 6.00, there's no going back and your plan B is now "buy a compatible motherboard"
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Being the 5600x isn't officially supported....I wouldn't try for fear of ruining something.

If ASRock were comfortable with supporting it...I think they would support it.

The BIOS that makes this "possible" is a user hacked BIOS for a different chipset. ASRock isn't going to support it because they didn't design the BIOS for X370 (3xx) chipsets AND the fact that AMD has said it wasn't supported.

The thing to consider here is what the chipset and motherboard are missing, by way of feature. It is likely that there are going to be other issues creep in with day to day use and THUS why you can't find anyone willing to put forth a review on daily drivability.


Sep 21, 2020
The BIOS that makes this "possible" is a user hacked BIOS
If above is true, then don't use that BIOS "update".

Right now 1700X is working fine on Asrock. If you update BIOS, 5600X may or may not work on that board -but one is sure, 1700X won't work on that board again. So, if it happens that 5600X doesn't work on that board, you can't sell that board anymore + you need to buy new board.
It's obvious what you should do: sell 1700X + Asus AB350 and using that money buy new motherboard for 5600X.