Question x370 Upgrade

Jun 3, 2020
Hey fellas,

Everyone's good?

I'm from Brazil and I recently purchased a 3800x to replace my current R7 2700. The CPU has not arrived yet. Thing is: I have a BIOSTAR X370 GT7.

The 3800x should probably work fine with this board, but I'm concerned with ram speed issues, right now I can't post past 2966mhz and they are Micron D die. I think that is because of the 2700 and, with the 3800x, things will probably be better, or I'm wrong?

The reason I'm upgrading is mainly because of my monitor's refresh rate, and because of that, I'm targetting 155fps and the 2700 is letting me a little disappointed.

I managed to get the ram to post at 3066mhz but I had to put 1.4V and loose the timings to 18-20-20-40. So no performance gains whatsoever. I have increased the SoC voltage as well, but no real difference. Maybe my 2700 is not a good chip.

So, considering the worst case scenario where this is not going to work as expected, I started considering a MOBO upgrade, but there is a catch: The prices today are going full crazy here, and a so so so MOBO is costing 3x the price I paid for the one that I have here.

Will a entry-level x570 be better than a x370 that has superior components, but inferior software?

Thanks in advance and sorry for any mispelling.