Question X370GTN stopped working after BIOS flash, looking for help with next troubleshooting step


Feb 20, 2016
Hi guys

I believe my motherboard has recently died and I was wondering whether there is any way to fix it?

Recently my PC has started to reboot a lot, sometimes I would turn the pc on and it would reboot 5-7 times before it got to the OS in a stable fashion. It would get to the desktop for a minute or two then go straight back to the bios screen or sometimes would completely switch off.

I then re-flashed the BIOS using the BIOS flasher utility and it then booted straight away first time and I thought I had fixed it until I turned it off and it never booted again after that.

I have taken all basic trouble shooting steps and changed the CMOS battery too but it still won’t turn on at all. What is my next step?

I am really interested to see if I can get this board working again and would be like to try some more advanced trouble shooting, but I don’t know what the best thing to do next would be?

How do I diagnose exactly what is wrong with the board and what is the best way to remedy it?

I would be okay with attempting to resolder a component if needed and would like to do everything myself.

I would like to take this on as a new project of mine and just need a little bit of help to get myself started.

Kind regards