Maybe. It depends on whether you need PCI-E 2.0. Do you expect to buy a $600+ video card between November 2007 and, say, 2010? If yes, then it would be good to get X38 because that video card will most likely require PCI-E 2.0. If you just want an 8800 GTX or less, i.e. a video card that is already available today, then you might as well get a P35 mobo now.

If you decide to stop waiting, I'd recommend some of these:

GA-P35-DS3P if you need FireWire
GA-P35C-DS3R if you want both DDR2 and DDR3 support
GA-P35-S3L if your budget is low
GA-P35-DS3R in all other cases

If you need wi-fi add it with a separate PCI card or look at the various Asus P5K boards.


Mar 23, 2007
780i? when the hell are they comming out? Havent heard anything about them.
x38 will not support SLI (SLI is a rip anywayz)
If buying now go with P35 if you want to wait go with x38