x38 and SLI question???


Oct 16, 2007
Hello everyone. I know that the x38 is Crossfire, but can support SLI, but there are no SLI drivers for it. I read the posts about how Nvidia and Intel can't work it out so that there will be Nvidia SLI drivers for x38. I read some other posts that there might be hacked drivers that could possibly allow SLI, but they are not written yet, and if they are, will be off of old drivers. Here is my question:

Has anyone tried to run SLI on x38 and install some Nvidia drivers? I really want to upgrade and would like to get an x38 board. Thanks for the help and information.


Apr 11, 2006
NO the x38 does not support SLI, however just like with the X975 chipset there will be hacked drivers probably to enable it on the X38
Unfortunately hacked drivers usually means new problems with no guarantee of a fix. Technically there is no reason that SLI wouldn't work on an Intel chipset or ATI chipset for that matter. The problem is political/economical. nVidia wants to be the single source for all things SLI, and they want to benefit economically from it. It's just not good enough to sell multiple GPU's, they want the platform purchase as well. I guess that's their prerogative since it's their technological initiative.

As for the hacked drivers, I am not sure that I would go through the hassle. I am a hardware enthusiast and a gamer. From a hardware point of view, I think it would be cool to get it working. That said, when I want to get my game on, I wouldn't like troubleshooting problems only to waste a bunch of time to find out it's because of my video solution abortion.


Mar 23, 2007
Another issue would be where do you get the SLI bridge from if you dont get an SLI compatible mobo?

Then you need hacked drivers... generally these wont get updated so any issues that you have will most likely never be resolved as you cant use updates from NVIDIA.

Its just a hassle all round